Which Rooms to Paint? How to Prioritize


Painting is a great way to add personality to your home. It is also much easier than you might think. If you are ready to take on the job, we have got tips for prioritizing which rooms to paint first.

Consider the Space as You Plan Which Rooms to Paint

The first step to prioritizing your painting is to consider the space. How much paint you will need and what type of wall surface you will be working with depend on the room’s purpose, size, color scheme and lighting.

Which Rooms to Paint First? Look for Inspiration

Look at the paint colors in other people’s homes. You can see what colors they like and how they are used. This will give you some ideas of what will work in your home.
Look at home decor magazines.
Visit a store that sells paint swatches or samples. Paint stores offer many different options for color samples. So, it is easy to find the perfect one for your house!
Talk to a professional painter. We can offer ideas for where to start and which colors to consider.

Find a Palette as You Plan Which Rooms to Paint 

Now that you have a good idea of how large your project is, it is time to choose the colors. Selecting colors can be downright intimidating, but don’t let it get the best of you! Here are some tips:

Choose colors that complement each other.
Choose colors that fit your personality and lifestyle.

Set Up a Schedule for Whichever Rooms to Paint

Clean the room thoroughly before you begin painting. Vacuum, wash windows and clean out closets or cabinets where any dust may have landed during construction.
Paint in sections, not all at once.

Consider the Mood of Each Rooms to Paint

After you have figured out which rooms are the most important to paint, make sure that each room is in line with your overall vision for the house. This is where a mood board comes in handy. It can help you visualize how different elements will come together and complement each other.

Add Personal Style to your Home in the Rooms to Paint

You can use painting to add personality and spice up your living space. It’s a great way to give a room more character, make it feel more open and inviting, or refresh it with new color. So, before you go out and buy furniture or decorate with accessories, consider painting your walls first!

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