Top FMCG companies in Kolkata

Kolkata is a bustling metropolis and home to a vibrant spectrum of industries. The dynamic relationship between corporations and the real estate sector significantly influences the city’s economic landscape. With a diverse array of FMCG companies making their mark, this article delves into the top FMCG companies and their impact on Kolkata’s commercial real estate demand.


Business landscape in Kolkata

Kolkata thrives as a prominent hub for FMCG giants. In addition to its thriving IT sector, the city boasts a robust industrial base. Key players in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food processing sectors have established a strong presence. These industries, in synergy with the FMCG sector, contribute significantly to the city’s economic growth.


List of top FMCG companies in Kolkata


Company Type: Public Limited

Location: Garden Reach, Kolkata, West Bengal 700043

Founded in: 1910

ITC, short for Imperial Tobacco Company, is a distinguished conglomerate deeply rooted in the FMCG sector. Established in 1910, it has evolved into a multifaceted entity with a strong presence not only in Fast-Moving Consumer Goods but also in the realms of hospitality and tobacco. With its headquarters in Kolkata, West Bengal, ITC’s dynamic portfolio encompasses a wide array of products, ranging from food and beverages to personal care and stationery.


Company Type: Public Limited

Location: Haltu, Kolkata, West Bengal 700107

Founded in: 1974

Emami, a prominent name in the FMCG sector, emerged on the corporate horizon in 1974. Based in Kolkata, West Bengal, Emami’s influence extends across a diverse spectrum of industries, encompassing FMCG, healthcare, and even cement. In the realm of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, Emami has established itself as a trusted brand, offering a comprehensive range of products in personal care, healthcare and hygiene. 

Merisant India

Company Type: Private Limited

Location: Rajdanga Main Rd, Kolkata, West Bengal 700107

Founded in: 2002

Merisant India, known for its iconic brand ‘Equal,’ is a notable player in the FMCG domain, specialising in artificial sweeteners. Established in 2002 and headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal, the company has made significant strides in providing healthier alternatives to traditional sweeteners. The brand ‘Equal’ has garnered trust and recognition for its commitment to delivering sweetness without the calories, catering to the health-conscious consumer. 

Hindustan Unilever

Company Type: Public Limited

Location: Garden Reach, Kolkata, West Bengal 700024

Founded in: 1933

Hindustan Unilever, a venerable name in the FMCG sector, has been an integral part of Indian households since its inception in 1933. Headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal, the company has garnered unwavering trust for its diverse range of consumer goods, spanning personal care, home care, food and beverages and more. 


Company Type: Public Limited

Location: Ballygunge, Kolkata, West Bengal 700029

Founded in: 1884

Dabur, established in 1884, stands as a testament to the rich heritage of Ayurveda in India. Headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal, Dabur has become synonymous with natural healthcare and wellness. The company’s extensive product line includes a wide spectrum of offerings, including healthcare supplements, personal care products and herbal remedies. With a legacy rooted in the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, Dabur has modernised traditional remedies to provide holistic well-being solutions. 


Company Type: Public Limited

Location: New Town, West Bengal 700156

Founded in: 1866

Nestle, a globally acclaimed name in the FMCG sector, traces its origins back to 1866. With its presence in Kolkata, West Bengal, Nestle has carved a niche in the food and beverage industry. The company’s portfolio boasts an extensive array of products, ranging from dairy and confectionery to beverages and nutrition. Nestle’s commitment to nourishing and delighting consumers is evident in its adherence to the highest quality standards. 

Heinz India 

Company Type: Public Limited

Location: Gariahat, Kolkata, West Bengal 700029

Founded in: 1995

Heinz India, established in 1995, is a distinguished player in the FMCG and food processing arena. Situated in Kolkata, West Bengal, the company has been instrumental in providing a diverse range of food products that have become staples in households across India. From sauces and condiments to infant nutrition, Heinz’s offerings cater to a wide spectrum of consumer needs. 

Godrej and Boyce Manufacturing

Company Type: Public Limited

Location: Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700091

Founded in: 1897

Godrej and Boyce Manufacturing, established in 1897, stands as a testament to India’s industrial prowess. Based in Kolkata, West Bengal, the company has diversified its operations across various sectors, including FMCG, manufacturing, and engineering. Known for its innovative and sustainable products, Godrej and Boyce have been pioneers in introducing cutting-edge solutions to the market. From home appliances to furniture and security solutions, the company’s offerings have become integral parts of households and businesses alike. 


Company Type: Private Limited

Location: Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700091

Founded in: 1993

McNroe, established in 1992, has emerged as a prominent player in the FMCG sector, specifically in the realm of personal care. Situated in Kolkata, West Bengal, the company has gained recognition for its range of fragrances and grooming products. McNroe’s offerings cater to the diverse preferences of consumers, providing them with a unique and enriching experience. 

Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting

Company Type: Public Limited

Location: Elgin, Kolkata, West Bengal 700071

Founded in: 1945

Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting, established in 1945, is a distinguished name in the FMCG sector with a special emphasis on consumer care and lighting solutions. Operating from Kolkata, West Bengal, the company has been at the forefront of providing a wide array of personal care and lighting products. 


Commercial real estate demand in Kolkata

Office space: FMCG companies, with their expanding operations, have spurred a surge in demand for office spaces. This has led to the development of modern office complexes and business parks across strategic locations in Kolkata.

Rental property: The influx of FMCG firms has injected vitality into the rental property market. Property owners have reaped the benefits of sustained demand for commercial spaces, leading to competitive rental rates and enhanced property values.


Impact of FMCG companies in Kolkata

The introduction of FMCG companies in Kolkata has catalysed substantial economic growth and development. These industry giants, including Hindustan Unilever, Dabur and Nestle, have not only created a multitude of employment opportunities but also spurred infrastructural advancement. The competitive market environment they foster drives innovation and product diversification, benefiting consumers. Kolkata’s population benefits from improved accessibility to essential goods, enhancing their daily lives. Additionally, FMCG firms engage in CSR initiatives, contributing to social causes. Technological integration in production processes has led to skill enhancement among the local workforce. These companies significantly contribute to tax revenues, funding public services and infrastructure. Through extensive branding and marketing efforts, they have reinforced Kolkata’s position as a pivotal market for FMCG products. Overall, the impact of FMCG companies in Kolkata is a testament to their profound influence on the city’s socio-economic landscape.



What are FMCG companies?

FMCG stands for Fast-Moving Consumer Goods products sold quickly and relatively cheaply. Some examples of FMCG products include packaged foods, beverages, toiletries, cosmetics, cleaning supplies and other low-cost household items.

What are FMCG products?

Examples of FMCGs include milk, gum, fruit and vegetables, toilet paper, soda, beer, and over-the-counter drugs like aspirin.

Which is the oldest FMCG company in Kolkata?

Dabur, founded in 1884, is the oldest FMCG company in Kolkata.

What are some of the popular brands under Hindustan Unilever?

Hindustan Unilever’s popular brands include Dove, Surf Excel, and Lux.

How has the presence of FMCG companies in Kolkata influenced local employment?

The establishment of FMCG giants in Kolkata has led to a surge in job opportunities, benefiting the local workforce.

What role do FMCG companies play in the economic growth of Kolkata?

FMCG companies significantly contribute to Kolkata’s economic growth by generating revenue, paying taxes, and fostering business development.

How do FMCG companies in Kolkata contribute to the city’s supply chain and logistics industry?

FMCG companies form a crucial part of Kolkata’s supply chain, promoting the growth of the logistics sector and ensuring efficient distribution of goods.

What impact do FMCG companies have on the real estate market in Kolkata?

The presence of FMCG companies has increased the demand for commercial real estate, leading to the development of industrial zones and business parks in the city.

Have FMCG companies in Kolkata implemented sustainable practices in their operations?

Many FMCG companies in Kolkata are adopting sustainable practices to reduce their environmental footprint and promote responsible business operations.

How do FMCG companies collaborate with local communities for CSR initiatives in Kolkata?

FMCG companies engage in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, partnering with local communities to address social and environmental issues.

In what ways do FMCG companies support the development of small-scale industries in Kolkata?

FMCG companies often collaborate with local small-scale industries, providing opportunities for growth and mutual benefit.

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