Top advertising companies in Delhi-NCR

Delhi has become the main attraction of various advertising companies from all around the world. The city’s advertising sector has been booming due to its skilled workforce, media industry, digital growth and competitive landscape. Due to the creative talent and large consumer market, it is no surprise that advertising companies have made Delhi a hub for their services.

The city’s economy is not the aspect that advertising companies have affected with their presence. The advertising companies profit from real estate investors by promoting their properties, while the real estate investors can rely on advertising companies to draw in more buyers and tenants. As you can see, this leads to a mutually beneficial relationship between the two parties.


Business landscape in Delhi

Being India’s capital, Delhi is home to all types of industries, including IT, finance, advertising and healthcare. Not to forget, the city is also the key market for national and international corporations, all thanks to its large consumer base and strategic location. The increasing development in the infrastructure of the city has also been making trade in Delhi even easier. Advertising companies add to the vibrancy and competitiveness of the market by promoting businesses and luring in consumer engagement. 


Top advertising companies in Delhi-NCR


Ogilvy India

Industry: Advertising and Marketing Communications

Sub-industry: Advertising Agency

Company Type: Private

Location: Sector 19, Gurugram- 122016

Founding date: Oct 30, 1948

Ogilvy India is a well-known global advertising agency. The company aims to entice the insights of Indian customers by creating unique and compelling campaigns. One of the most successful campaigns done by the company is for the international brands Coca-Cola and Subway.



Industry: Advertising

Sub-industry: Marketing and Advertising

Company Type: Advertising Agency

Location: Kalkaji, Delhi – 110019

Founding date: 1912 

McCann, headquartered in New York City, has established its name as one of the best advertising agencies, leaving a legacy of more than 90 years as proof. It has worked with many top brands like Coca-Cola and Nestle, who trusted the agency’s integrated campaigns.


Grey Advertising India

Industry: Advertising and Marketing Services

Sub-industry: Advertising Agency

Company Type: Private

Location: Sector 20, Gurugram, Haryana 122016

Founding date: Aug 31, 1994

Part of the global Grey Group, Grey Advertising India has made its name through the countless campaigns it made in various sectors, from FMCG to technology. It has proven to be a trusted partner for businesses that want to attract or make themselves known to Indian Consumers. 


Madison Communication

Industry: Advertising and Marketing

Sub-industry: Advertising Agency

Company Type: Private

Location: Okhla Industrial Estate, New Delhi, Delhi 110020

Founding date: Nov 21, 1988

Madison Communication has a rich history of delivering creative and effective marketing solutions. Its portfolio covers diverse sectors like telecommunications, consumer goods and finance. One of its most notable campaigns in India includes the ‘Har Ghar Kucch Kehta Hai’ series for Asian Paints.


EZ Rankings 

Industry: Digital Marketing/ Advertising 

Sub-industry: SEO, Web Design, Social Media Marketing 

Company Type: Private

Location:  Dwarka, New Delhi, Delhi- 110075

Founding date: 2010

EZ Rankings is a digital marketing company which is based in Dwarka that provides a range of services to help businesses make their name known online and also draw traffic to their websites. Its services include search engine optimisation (SEO), web design and development, social media marketing and much more. 


Impasto Communication 

Industry: Marketing and Advertising 

Sub-industry: Advertising and Communication  

Company Type: Private

Location:  Greater Kailash, New Delhi, Delhi- 110048

Founding date: 28 June, 2005

Impasto Communication is an advertising company that offers a wide range of marketing and advertising services to its clients. The marketing and advertising services include the promotion of branding, creation of creative design, coming up with a media plan, and the list goes on. 


RedCube Digital Media 

Industry  Digital Marketing/ Advertising

Sub-industry: Digital Marketing Services  

Company Type: Private

Location: Sheikh Sarai Phase- 1, New Delhi, Delhi- 110017

Founding date: 25 February, 2011

Many businesses have been able to enhance their online visibility and engagement with the help of RedCube Digital Media. With services like digital strategy, search engine optimisation, social media, marketing, etc., it is not surprising that RedCube Digital Media Pvt Ltd is responsible for the effortlessly perfect advertising of businesses. 


Trikuta Communications

Industry: Advertising and Communication 

Sub-Industry: Advertising Agency 

Company Type: Private

Location: Dwarka, Delhi- 110075

Founding date: Not known 

Trikuta Communications provides a list of creative solutions in audio-video productions, advertising, digital marketing, event management and print media. The communication agency’s team is fully devoted to providing its clients with the best of the best services.


Commercial real estate demand in Delhi

Office space:- The significant success of the advertising sector in Delhi has led to a large increase in the demand for office space. To accommodate their creative teams, client meetings, and operations, advertising agencies need proper office spaces. 
Rental space:- It is in the nature of the job of advertising companies to organise events, promotions and product launches, and for this, they need to rent vast spaces like convention centres, auditoriums or exhibition halls to host these activities. 
Impact:-  Delhi can enhance a company’s reputation and comfort for clients as the location of an advertising agency has a big impact on the company’s business. The availability of modern office spaces has helped them to provide basic amenities that enhance their creative team’s productivity. 


Impact of the advertising industry on Delhi

Advertising companies are one of the most significant factors that contribute to Delhi’s economic growth. The sector employs a large number of people and also creates business opportunities while pursuing its own objectives. Advertising companies have also led to the development and growth of commercial properties with their need for office spaces and rental values. 



How do I join an advertising company?

There are many ways to join an advertising company, like interning at an agency, taking an entry-level position, doing freelance work, creating spec ads, etc.

What is the biggest advertising company in India?

Some of the biggest advertising agencies in India are Ogilvy and McCann Erickson India Pvt. Ltd.

What are the top five common types of advertising?

Online search advertising, social media advertising, print, direct mail, and broadcasting are some of the top common types of advertising.

What is the eligibility of advertising degrees?

Candidates must have scored aggregate marks of a minimum of 50% in class 12 and have completed the previous course in any subject to be able to apply for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in advertising.

Which is the most famous ad in India?

To this day, one of the most popular advertisements in the country is Amul Doodh, which almost every person living in the country can nonchalantly hum along to.

Which is the most expensive ad in India?

The ad ‘Ranveer Ching Returns’ takes this title with a claimed promotion budget of 75 crores.

What is the most successful form of advertising?

Word-of-mouth is the best form of advertising.

Is it difficult to get a job in advertising?

It is true that you have to put in a lot of effort in order to get a position, as the field is very competitive, and there are few open positions.

Who is the god of advertising in India?

Padamsee is known as the ‘father of Modern Indian Advertising.

What are the Big 4 advertising agencies?

WPP, Omnicom, Publicis Groupe, and Interpublic Group of Companies are known as the Big 4 advertising agencies.


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