Steel Structure and its Reputable Construction

When building pre-engineered buildings, designing and constructing sturdy steel structures are vital in maintaining the durability and ensuring safety. What are the features of steel structures? Which is the most reputable steel structure construction company? In this article, BMB Steel will answer these questions for you.

What is a steel structure?

The steel structure is a type of construction that is widely used in building recently. Designed with steel as the primary material, other accompanying metal materials make the frame solid and more substantial. Predominantly, many constructions such as factories, companies, or even houses are constructed from steel structures.

What is a steel structure?

The constitution of a steel structure

From drawings are designed based on the actual construction situation, the constructors will design the structure of bars and plates made from steel and other metal materials. Afterward, the components will be connected and shaped together by bolts, screws, etc. According to the purpose of the project, the thickness, width, and height are different.

Classification of different steel structures

Steel structures are classified according to the purposes and features of the construction. According to BMB Steel, structural steel is organized as follows:

  • Structure 90m clear span
  • Canopy 20m width
  • Jack beam 45.5 m length
  • 150-ton crane
  • 300-ton crane
  • 60m length jack beam erected
  • Xuan Thanh cement cantilever storage
  • trust canopy with 20m width
  • 40 Jack beam – no mid column
  • 20m canopy
  • crane 50 BILLION
  • roof extension 27m wide
  • joist L = 18m
  • clear span 140m

Advantages and disadvantages of steel structure

Every project or design has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, the steel structure of pre-engineered steel buildings is not an exception. To figure out, you can refer to the information below.


  • Solid steel structure, durable materials, being used for a long run.
  • Lightweight but strong enough to ensure keeping the construction secure
  • Having an easy-to-assemble structure, quick construction
  • Reasonable price
  • High applicability, being used for many different industries and purposes
  • Good sealing, water-resistance and moisture resistance


  • In the long run, steel structures will be corroded and oxidized. Therefore, to solve this problem, there are many solutions such as powder coating, painting, chromium plating, zinc plating, etc.
  • Poor fire resistance. Thus, it is necessary to paint fireproof layers or combine concrete, etc.

Manufacturing Process of Steel Structure

Manufacturing steel structures

Steel structure manufacturing is when modern machinery facilities transform the steel material to achieve high sophistication and technology. It can be assembled into a structure that can withstand pressure.

Manufacturing Process of Steel Structure

Manufacturing process

A steel structure processing includes:

  • Receive information and requests from customers about the desired project to build
  • Design drawings, cut and assemble structures according to the correct proportions and technical standards
  • Weld structures at high temperature
  • Clean structural surfaces and paint protective paint
  • Preserve components and move them to the construction site for construction
  • Acceptance of construction work.
Manufacturing process

After the process of manufacturing the steel structure, the next step is to construct the steel structure and complete the construction work. Necessary steps when constructing steel structures include:

  • Design and build a solid pillar foundation because this is the part bearing all the pressure of the house
  • Install of steel poles
  • Install the system of bridge beam and trusses
  • Install roof system
  • Install braces, wooden beams, skylights, etc.

Preparing the necessary knowledge and information before designing and constructing steel structures helps you be more convenient and proactive when building works. Below, BMB Steel would like to send to you some of the experiences gained over years of directly carrying out construction work with large corporations:

  • Survey the construction environment to prepare for production, structural steel frame structure with technical quality
  • Use investment capital in accordance with the purpose of the project
  • Actively invest in suitable quality materials
  • Design precisely, choose a reputable construction company to ensure the guaranteed work with a cost-effectiveness