List of top 10 event management companies in Chennai

In the heart of Tamil Nadu, the busy metropolis of Chennai on India’s southeast coast serves as a vibrant commercial centre. It is home to various businesses and industries, from global leaders in technological innovation to formidable manufacturers. There is no denying the interdependence of Chennai’s real estate industry and business world. Corporations keep establishing themselves in this expanding city. This investigation explores the complex interplay between Chennai’s corporate behemoths and the dynamically shifting real estate market. If you’re organising a business conference, consider hiring a competent event management company in Chennai to handle all the planning and logistics.


Business Landscape in Chennai

It is a significant software and information technology (IT) centre, housing many IT parks and businesses. With manufacturing behemoths like Hyundai and Ford, the automobile industry is crucial. Chennai also plays a significant role in the healthcare sector, home to prestigious hospitals and pharmaceutical corporations. Trade and transport are fueled by the city’s thriving port, and top banks and financial organisations are well-represented in the banking industry.


Top event management companies in Chennai

Infinite Memories Photography

Company Type: Industry Top

Location: Rajiv Gandhi Salai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 603103

It is a company which shoots photographs on different occasions. It focuses on shooting pre and post-wedding photos along with wedding shoots. In addition to that, they also click maternity and birthday shoots. They are a skilled group of young and active photographers. They are professional and accomplished artists. Beyond your expectations, they aid in creating and capturing beautiful memories. 

Innokaiz India

Company Type: Industry Top

Location: Chennai/ Tamil Nadu- 600034

Founded in: 2003 

It is a multifaceted organisation with 10 years of expertise, providing clients and communities with cutting-edge goods and services in retail, distribution, trading, office supplies and other areas. Each of these companies has attained leading positions in the marketplace.

Renaissance Event Management

Company Type: Private Limited

Location: Chennai/Tamil Nadu- 600086

Founded in: 2000 

With over 20 years of knowledge, Renaissance Event Management is a solution event planning firm. They provide various services, such as planning, designing and organising events.

DA Eventz

Company Type: Sole Proprietorship

Location: Chennai/ Tamil Nadu- 600083

Founded in: 2016

New and emerging event management business DA Eventz is swiftly gaining notoriety. They are renowned for coming up with original and inventive concepts.

Maze Events and Experiences

Company Type: Private Limited

Location: Chennai/ Tamil Nadu- 600031

Founded in: 2014

An innovative event management firm that focuses on producing one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experiences is called Maze Events and Experiences.

Events B INC

Company Type: Private Limited

Location: Chennai/ Tamil Nadu- 600040

Founded in: 2007

It is a media company and event planner that provides many different services, such as event planning, event design, and event implementation. They have a staff of qualified experts who can manage any event, big or small.

Red Chariots

Company Type: Private Limited

Location: Chennai/ Tamil Nadu- 600090

Founded in: 2008

A company called Red Chariots has been managing events for almost 20 years. Corporate gatherings, weddings, and new product launches are their areas of expertise.

Galatta Eventz

Company Type: Private Limited

Location: Chennai/ Tamil Nadu- 600026

Founded in: 2012

It is an organisation that manages events and focuses on planning unique and enjoyable events. They have staff who are well-trained and experts in their fields.

Primus Events & Exhibitions

Company Type: Private Limited

Location: Chennai/ Tamil Nadu- 600032

Founded in: 1999

They focus on providing the best-class service to their clients. They make sure that their service satisfies the expectations of the clients. They work on every type of event, whether big or small.

Vision Time India

Company Type: Industry Top

Location: Chennai/ Tamil Nadu- 600017

Founding date: 1992

The company has developed good relationships with leading broadcasters and top clients. They also manage more than 120 YouTube channels.


Commercial real estate demand in Chennai

Office space- Demand for organising events services has increased; Chennai is a crucial centre for the Indian event management sector. Corporate events, meetings, trade exhibitions, and weddings are just a few of the events that the city often hosts. The rising demand for event management products and services is driving the requirement for office space for organisations that manage events. 

Rental property- The same causes driving the need for office space are also fueling a rapid increase in the demand for rental property in Chennai to manage events firms. Growth of current event management firms: Many currently operating event management firms are growing in Chennai. Additionally, this is boosting demand for rental homes.

Impact- The city’s economy benefits from Chennai’s event management firms’ increasing demand to serve business real estate. It is bringing in investment, raising tax income, and producing jobs. The demand for industrial property facilitates the construction of new infrastructure and amenities, making the city more livable and alluring to businesses and inhabitants.


Impact of the event management industry in Chennai

Chennai hosts a wide range of events each year, from marriage ceremonies and celebrations to corporate conventions and product launches, and the event management sector there is flourishing. The city has experienced a tremendous economic and cultural impact from this industry.



How do I pick an event organisation?

Review qualifications, case studies, client lists, and endorsements. Examine the Directors of the Event Management Organization’s history.

Does event planning have a bright future?

Students with a strong work ethic and a creative imagination should choose a career in handling events. Even while the work can sometimes be draining, the result is always rewarding. The success of an identity or organisation depends on circumstances.

What is the Event Manager’s maximum salary?

The average pay for an event organiser in India is INR 10 LPA, as mentioned above. An event manager’s initial and maximum pay are INR 3.80 LPA and 44 LPA, respectively.

Is the profession of event manager lucrative?

An event supervisor’s typical monthly compensation ranges from INR 28,157 to INR 29,524. The Chief Marketing Officers, Sales Directors, and Brand Marketing Managers of any event-management firm typically earn the highest pay tiers in the industry.

Is event planning a reliable career?

Students with a strong work ethic and a creative imagination should choose a career in event management. Even while the work can sometimes be draining, the result is always rewarding. A brand or organisation’s success depends on events.

How can I join the event management team?

Candidates can obtain a bachelor’s degree in an area related to event management after completing their 12th-grade education. Candidates with advanced degrees in managing events are sometimes hired by firms that work events.

What does an event manager do all day?

Sports events, exhibits, weddings, celebrations, corporate meetings, introductions of goods, conferences, conventions, concerts, and trade fairs are just a few events that event directors plan and coordinate professionally.

Who founded event management?

The title of ‘Father of Event Management in India’ has been bestowed upon “Dr. Hoshi Bhiwandiwala.”

What does organising an event entail

Budgeting, creating timelines, choosing and reserving event locations, obtaining permits, planning food, organising transportation, coming up with a theme, managing tasks, selecting speakers and keynotes, booking speakers, reserving infrastructure, minimising hazards, and developing are all part of event planning.

How significant is the planning stage of an event?

The success of the event is greatly influenced by well-planned event management. There are several factors to consider when making thorough plans. To construct a compelling event, consider the event’s needs, budget, and equipment.

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