Know about IGRS market value of land in Andhra Pradesh in 2023

The market value of non-agricultural land in AP, the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, is revised every August in its urban areas. The market value in AP is modified every two years for agricultural land in the rural areas. Given the hardships owing to COVID-19, the revision of land values was stopped. The state government had prepared plans to increase the values way back in August 2021. But its implementation had to be postponed following requests from the public. Now, the government has decided to end this moratorium and increase the market value of lands in the new financial year.

Market land value in AP in 2023

The Department of Stamps and Registration of the Andhra Pradesh government published a Guiding Value or Ready Reckoner Rate for non-agricultural land, the minimum at which the same can be registered with the government. This is published every two years for agricultural land, as said earlier. This rate is called ‘market value of land’.

The common public can access the government maintained IGRS-AP portal to check the market value of land in AP.

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Market value of land in A.P. in 2023: How to check market value in a particular locality online?

Here is a guide on the navigation of IGRS AP for finding the land value in AP.

Step 1: On the homepage of the IGRS portal of Andhra Pradesh, two links relevant to land value in AP are found.


You have ‘Market value assistance’ on the left, and on the middle, there is a “Market value certificate” under Services. Clicking on either of these two links will lead you to the next page showing ‘Unit rates’.

Step 2: Here, you will have to first select the land type by checking the respective radio buttons for non-agricultural and agricultural land. Then you need to select the district, mandal and village from the requisite combo boxes to arrive at the market value table on the next page.

Step 3:


The market value of land in AP of the selected locality is displayed.

The entire table consists of several rows and has been truncated for demonstration purposes.

The IGRS portal also helps the citizen find out the services provided by the sub-registrar’s offices under the Citizen’s Charter link of the home page. The Citizen’s Charter is a PDF document that lists the Issue of Market Value (in hard copy) against item 7 of the services list available at the sub registrar’s office.

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IGRS AP rolled out the CARD PRIMME software with which the registration process will be completed in 20 minutes. With this software, an online application has to be filled and online appointment has to be taken immediately. Documents needed to register and supporting documents can be uploaded and payment can also be done online. This new system eliminates document writers and middlemen. You can access CARD PRIMME at .

Market value of land in A.P. in 2023: How to check the market value in a particular locality offline?

On application by the party, the Jr/Sr assistant at the sub registrar office of the concerned district issues a computer-generated value slip within one hour time against a fee of INR 10.

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Market value in AP: Impact of increasing market value

The government’s decision has resulted in skyrocketing land prices in the villages adjoining the new district headquarters. For example, land prices in villages near Bapatla have shot up to INR 10-14K per square yard compared to the prevailing rate of INR 3-4K. The workload in the land registration offices has doubled due to people attempting to register their land at the current prices. 

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New district formation and hike in land value in AP

District HQ

Parvathipuram Manyam





Sri Satya Sai

Sri Balaji

Alluri Sitharama Raju






Based upon parliamentary constituencies, Andhra Pradesh’s government has doubled up the number of districts in the state to 26 under the Andhra Pradesh District Formation Act, Section 3 (5). A list of the new districts along with their respective headquarters are given above:

A total of 13 new districts in the state were inaugurated on April 4, 2022.

A special revision of market values of lands from a minimum of 5 per cent to a maximum of 75 per cent in newly set up 13 district headquarters and neighbouring suburban and rural areas came into effect in Andhra Pradesh in April 2022.

According to the registration and stamps department, market values have been revised between 15 per cent and 25 per cent on an average across all the permitted areas. The maximum of revisions of 75 per cent of the market value were done in some cases only, in the newly identified commercial areas.

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Determinants of market land value in AP

A change in the guideline value will result in a direct and immediate change in the value of a property. This is one of the AP state government’s most profitable revenue streams. However, this doesn’t imply that the market value in AP will continue to rise indefinitely. A greater guidance value indicates that the property’s market value in AP will rise, whilst a lower guidance value indicates that the property’s market value will fall. That said, the guidance numbers are not set at random or only based on market demand; they are based on research and analysis of various criteria, including characteristics such as an area’s development.

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IGRS market value in AP: Role of IGRS in controlling market value in AP

Let us understand the role of IGRS in minimising black money transactions (usually in cash).

The Inspector-General of Registration and Stamps (IGRS) makes every effort to keep a property’s circle rate as close to market rates as possible. This is to avoid any cash or black money transactions that could harm the state exchequer’s revenue, as property taxes account for a significant portion of a state’s revenue.

Some state governments have previously requested that their metropolitan boards or corporations collect property taxes based on market values rather than ‘unit area’ based valuations.

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What is guidance value?

Market values are based on research conducted by the state government and are essentially scientific, they represent the lowest price at which property in a given location should be sold. The Guidance Value is the lowest price at which a property can be registered in a given area. Hence, the property will not be sold for less than the market value. This ensures that the seller receives a minimum selling price.


Registration of land at market value fixes payment of property taxes on market value

Even if a property is purchased for a value less than the state government’s Guidance Value, the owner must register the property at the government’s market value and pay property taxes based on the locality’s market value in AP.

Suppose the buyer paid more for the property than the state government’s market worth. In that case, the individual is responsible for registering the property at its actual value and paying taxes on the purchase price.

The phrases used to refer to a property Guidance Value vary by state. Every Indian state has its nomenclature regarding the guidance values and other legal provisions regarding land and property rights.

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Why does the market value in AP vary?

Guidance Values can be used for various attributes in a given area. Agribusiness land, an apartment in a housing complex, a standalone villa, a plotted development project, and so on are all possibilities.

The development stage of a property will determine the guidance values. A property in a well-established neighbourhood will have a higher Guidance Value than one in a less developed locality or one in the early phases of development.

While the state government determines market value in AP of land based on studies and other factors, a seller has complete control over the price at which he sells a property. A buyer cannot compel a seller to sell their property at the Guidance Value, AP land or property’s market value determined by the government.

The stamp paper duty, registration fees, and property taxes on a property are all based on the guidance value, and comprise a major chunk of a state’s revenue.


How to find the previous landowner of a place in AP offline?

By visiting the official Meebhoomi website You need to click on land conversion details. Then select district, zone, village name and survey number. Finally, click Submit. That fetches you the owner detail of the respective plot.

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How can I see my AP plot details?

To search for your land records in AP and check your plot details, you must log on to the official website – Once you are on the official website, you will find the main menu bar, from where you can select the respective village whose plot details you wish to see. After selecting, enter the owner’s details like name, survey number, Aadhar card number, account information, account number, district name, village title and finally enter the captcha code provided. 

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How to file grievances?

To file grievances, click on  Click on Lodge grievance and you will reach

Enter Full name, contact number, email id, district, mandal, SRO, grievance classification, description and if need be supporting documents that can be uploaded on the website. Once done, click on submit.


How to check market value in Andhra Pradesh?

To check market value in Andhra Pradesh, click on Market Value assistance on IGRS AP.

How do I get a market value certificate in AP?

You can search, get and check the AP market value certificate on the IGRS AP website. Further if you need encumbrance certificate, you can get it by visiting the Meeseva centres or the SRO where the property was registered.

What is the market value of a property?

It is the price at which a property can be sold by a seller to buyers. Market value is calculated by dividing the average selling price with the size of other properties in a particular locality.

What is the registration value in Andhra Pradesh?

Registration value is 1% in Andhra Pradesh and the stamp duty is 5% of the total property value.


How is the market value of land calculated?

The market value of a particular piece of land is calculated depending on the price of a similar property that was recently sold in the same locality.

What are the current expenses on registration of land in Andhra Pradesh?

From August 11 2020, the government of Andhra Pradesh has revised the stamp duty on land registration as 5%, registration fee 1% and transfer fee is 1.5% of the land value in AP.

Can the market value in AP of two properties registered at the same locality be different?

Yes, it can be different based upon the nature of construction and its size.


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