How to Paint Walls With a Roller


Painting walls is a quick way to make a space look new. But unless you have experience with roller painting, it can also be tedious work. The trick is to pick the right kind of roller to paint walls, which we’ll discuss later in this post. The first step is making sure that you’re using a good quality paint that’s not going on too thick or thin, and then applying it with a good quality roller. That way you won’t get streaks or lumps on your walls!

Cover Electrical Outlets and Light Switch Plates when you Paint Walls

Before you start rolling to paint walls, make sure to cover your electrical outlets and light switch plates with painter’s tape. It can be easy to forget that they exist, but if you don’t protect them first, then spray paint can get into those areas and cause damage:

Use a marker to mark the location of each outlet or switch plate on the wall. (If there is no existing junction box for an outlet in that area of the wall, just use a piece of painter’s tape as a makeshift placeholder.)
Drill small holes in the middle of each piece of taped-over electrical equipment so that when you remove it later, nothing gets stuck behind them!

If You Paint Walls, Use Masking Tape to Cover Trim, Wall Corners, and Ceiling Lines

Before you start to paint walls, mask the trim, wall corners, and ceiling lines. Then use a wide brush to paint around the edges of the tape. However, don’t get paint on your floor or furniture!

Apply paint primer to the walls using a foam roller.

Roll even strokes across one section of your wall at a time in an overlapping pattern (Always starting from top left corner).
Wait for 30 minutes before applying any additional coats or colors
Let the primer dry overnight before painting.
When drying time is up, start painting over top of primer with another coat of paint.

Why Roll Instead of Brush?

Rolling is faster than brushing. So, it’s a good option if you are covering a lot of ground with your paint job. If you are painting just one or two rooms, however, you may find it easier to just use a brush.

Don’t allow sections to dry out while others are still being rolled out.
To paint walls, keep going over until all sides have been painted and don’t allow sections to dry out while others are still being rolled out.
Don’t use too much paint or too little paint. Consider brushing the walls with water first. This will help remove dust particles, making it easier for the paint to stick to the wall.
When finished, load your roller with more paint so it’s slightly more than half full.

A good house painter will always use a roller rather than brushes when painting walls to cover more space more quickly, while simultaneously leaving fewer brush strokes. For best results, hire a professional paint service, such as Adam Roe Painting, Inc.!

Painting walls can be a tedious task, but one that is worth the effort. The best way to avoid mistakes or uneven stripes when you paint walls is through proper preparation beforehand and having the right tools for each job. So, if you’re looking to get your next project done quickly and efficiently then try using some of these tips!

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