Color Theory? Yes! 6 Eye-Opening Paint Colors You Must Choose Now!


Have you heard of color theory? Colors are an important part of any home interior design. Colors can evoke feelings and help us express ourselves. So, it is no wonder more homeowners are studying the theory of color before selecting which shades to paint their interiors and exteriors. So, which colors should you choose? Different colors mean a myriad of things and evoke emotions. Here’s a quick guide to understanding color theory.

Color: Red

A warm color, red is associated with passion and energy. It also stimulates appetite, which is why so many restauranteurs use it to paint dining rooms. Red can be used as an accent color in rooms which have lots of natural light, like a bedroom or dining room. It is also great for kitchens if you want to add warmth without making the space feel hot or stuffy.

Orange: Color Theory

A cool color, orange is associated with the sun and fall and winter. However, it also has associations with harvest time and digestive health. Orange is associated with the spleen, liver, and stomach–all three of which play an important role in digestion. Orange is a very energetic color which stimulates creativity. That’s why schools often include it in their décor.

Yellow Color Theory

Associated with the sun and summer, yellow makes people feel happy. It can also encourage cheerfulness, which is why it makes a great color choice for a kitchen. To improve mood, hospitals often use yellow – especially in pediatric wings of medical centers.

However, yellow may not work well for bedrooms–especially if you are trying to create an environment that is relaxing and restful. If you want to use yellow in a bedroom, try pairing it with other more relaxing colors like blue or green instead of red or orange (which both convey energy).


One of the most popular colors in the world, green is used in color schemes everywhere. It is good for your health, wallet, and mood. Green has long been associated with nature and health and plant life. What’s more:

Green helps lower blood pressure, reduce stress levels and calm emotions when used in small doses (like on pillows).
It reminds us of trees which provide shade from the sun during hot summer days–something we all want at some point during those months!

Color Theory of Blue

A popular paint color in bedrooms and bathrooms, blue creates a soothing atmosphere. It’s also great for relaxing and unwinding after a long day, which is why high-end dining rooms often feature the color. Blue can be used in the office as well–it makes for a professional-looking environment that helps you stay focused on work tasks instead of getting distracted by other things around the office (or outside).

Black and White

Arguably the most versatile color combination for decorating, black and white can be used in any room of your home, from an accent wall to a whole room. Black and white are also popular choices for small spaces because they make rooms look bigger by drawing attention to the floor and ceiling instead of taking up visual space with color.

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