Bhoomi Pooja Muhurat Dates in 2023 for house construction

Buying a plot of land and constructing a house holds great significance in an individual’s life. In India, it is a common belief that seeking divine blessings before starting a new task brings good luck and prosperity. Many families in India give great importance to Vastu Shastra and the ritual of bhumi pujan. As per Vastu Shastra, Bhoomi Pujan is an important ritual done before the construction of a house to seek the blessings the deities and invite positive energies. The bhumi puja is performed in the northeast corner of the construction site.

When choosing the auspicious dates to begin the bhumi poojan and house construction, make sure to check if the month is auspicious, which includes the auspicious muhurat, tithi and nakshatra. We list the best time to do so in the new year and share details of bhoomi pujan muhurat 2023.


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Bhumi pujan muhurat 2023

Note that there is a difference between starting the construction and laying the foundation for a new home. As per Vastu and customs, one must lay the foundation stone before starting construction. Further, it is advisable to consult an astrologer and Vastu experts to know the good day to start house construction.

Baisakh (May), Margshirsh (December), Paush (January) and Phalgun (March) are the best months for foundation-laying. Baishakh, Shravan, Margshirsh, Magh, Falgun, Bhadrapada and Kartik months are permissible, according to the ancient Hindu scriptures and principles of Vastu Shastra. Check out the auspicious dates before bhumi pujan in 2023.

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What is bhumi pujan (land worship)?

Bhumi Pujan is a Hindu ritual performed before constructing a house land tilling for agricultural activities by worshipping Goddess earth (Bhoomi) and Vastu Purush (the deity of directions). Also known as Neev Pujan, the Bhumi pujan ceremony involves the laying the foundation stone and worship of five elements of nature.

Astrology and Vastu experts refer to a Hindu Panchang (Calendar) or analyse one’s birth and horoscope details, to choose an auspicious date.

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Bhumi pujan significance

Bhumi pujan is done to appease the mother earth or Bhumi and Vastu Purusha (the deity of the directions) and please the five elements of nature, namely earth, wind, fire, sky and water.
Performing bhumi pujan also helps in eliminating Vastu doshas or defects and remove any negative energies that may impact the land.
The ritual provides protection to the building or land and all its inhabitants against accidents or similar events.
It helps attract positive energies and purifies the place while inviting good luck for the family members of the new house.
The pooja is performed to ask for forgiveness from the living beings that reside under the ground for unintentionally harming them during the construction activities.

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Best Hindu months for Bhoomi Pooja in 2023

Hindu months
Corresponding months in Georgian calendar

Vaisakha (Baisakh)
April and May
Brings wealth and prosperity

March and April
Brings health and wellness

October and November
Building home in these months blesses the homeowner with joy and happiness

January and February
Ensures success and achievement in all aspects of life

Other months one can consider for house construction are:

Bhadrapada (August to September)
Pausha (December to January)
Agrahayana (November to December)
Sravana (July to August)

Some people are not aware of their date and time of birth, and place of birth details. In such cases, the priest may decide the auspicious date to start construction of house using the name raashi. The shubh muhurat can also be decided based on tithi, nakshatra, etc. These days, you can also consult experienced astrologers online.


Good days to start house construction in 2023

Solar month
Sun in zodiac
Bhumi Pujan direction
Note this before construction

January 14
Good time for east or west-facing house
Financial gain

February 14
Good time for east or west-facing house
Gain in jewels

March 14
Avoid construction

April 14
Good time for north or south-facing homes
Very good time

May 14
Good time for north or south-facing homes
Increase in wealth

June 14
Avoid construction

July 14
Good time for east or west-facing house
Very good time

August 14
Good time for east or west-facing house
Increase in help (domestic)

September 14
Avoid construction

October 14
Good time for north or south-facing homes
Happiness and comfort

November 14
Good time for north or south-facing homes
Financial gains

December 14
Avoid construction

There are multiple opinions, when it comes to the shubh muhurats for construction of new house. The general consensus is that construction of a house should not start during Ashada Shukla to Kartik Shukla. It is believed that Lord Vishnu sleeps for four months from Ashadh Shukla Ekadashi and wakes up to Kartik Shukla Ekadashi. During these months, believers usually do not go in for marriages, house construction or even a new business.


Is Makar Sankranti good time for Bhumi Pujan?

Makar Sankranti, also known as Uttarayana, marks the entry of Sun into the Makara Rashi (Capricorn) from the Dhanu Rashi (Sagittarius). It is an important festival celebrated in many parts of the country and is considered as an auspicious day in the Hindu calendar. The festival falls in the month of January. Most people prefer to buy a house or perform Griha Pravesh on Makar Sankranti. As per Vastu experts, there is no good day for laying the house slab in January 2023. You can consult an astrologer to know the auspicious dates for Bhumi puja.


Bhoomi pooja dates in 2023: Auspicious Tithis


1st of Krishna Paksha

Saturdays, Sundays and Tuesdays must be avoided. Mondays and Thursdays are the best for new house construction.

One should also note that the whole day may not be auspicious. Thus, it is essential to know the auspicious Muhurat to perform the Bhumi pujan. Moreover, one should take location and other local factors into account when choosing a favourable time. Thus, it is better to consult an astrologer and Vastu expert.

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Bhoomi pooja dates in 2023: Auspicious nakshatras for Griharambha



Bhoomi pooja dates in 2023: Auspicious Lagna

Vrishabh (Taurus)
Mithun  (Gemini)
Simha (Leo)
Vrischika (Scorpio)
Dhanu (Sagittarius)
Kumbha (Aquarius)


How to choose Bhumi pujan shubh muhurat?

Uttaraphalguni, Uttarashada, Uttarabhadrapada, Rohini, Mrigshira, Revati, Chitra, Anuradha, Shatbhisha, Swati, Dhanishtha, Hasta, and Pushya

Pausha, Vaisakha (Baisakh), Agrahayana, Phalguna, Sravana, Kartik, Maagh and Bhadrapada

Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays

Dwitiya, Tritiya, Panchami, Saptami, Dashmi, Ekadashi, Thrayodashi and Purnima

Vrishabh, Mithun, Simha, Kanya, Vrischika, Dhanu and Kumbha

Best Nakshtra for Neev Pujan or laying Foundation stone
Uttaraphalguni, Uttarashada, Uttarabhadrapada, and Rohini

Best Nakshtra for Griha Nirman Or house construction
Mrigshira, Revati, Chitra, Anuradha, Shatbhisha, Dhanishtha, Hasta, and Pushya


Bhoomi pooja dates in 2023 based on Sun’s position in Zodiac sign

Position of Sun in the Zodiac Sign

Wealth and financial gain

Problems for the homeowner

Gain in wealth

Fame and happiness of servants


Positive effects

Financial gain

Significant losses and destruction

Property growth and wealth gain

Gain of gems and metal


Astrology experts suggest starting the house construction on an auspicious chosen on the basis of sun’s movement through the different zodiac signs.


Inauspicious time for Bhoomi pooja in 2023: Days to avoid

Chaitra: This is from March to April. One must avoid this time, because it is said to bring on hardships for the home owner.
Jyeshtha: This is the month of June and the planets are not in the favourable position.
Ashad: Avoid the month of July for foundation laying, because it is said to bring about loss in business.
Shravan: This is the month starting from July end or first week of August and the time is not favourable as it can bring upon financial losses.
Bhadrapad: Avoid September to dig for the foundation of your new home, as it can result in fights and tension in the house.
Ashwin: Avoid this month which falls in October to lay the foundation of your new home, as per Vastu.
Magh: This is the 11th month of the year which starts on January 18 and ends on February 16 may not be beneficial if the foundation is laid in this month. However, one can consider constructing east or west facing houses.

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Pakshas to be avoided for the bhumi pujan

Paksha means a fortnight or a lunar phase in a month, as per the Hindu lunar calendar. Avoid Divaskarma, Shraadha and Hadpaksha for performing the bhumi pujan.

Tithis to be avoided for the bhumi pujan

Avoid fourth, ninth, and fourteenth tithis as they are not regarded auspicious for the Griha nirman or bhumi puja.

Impact of lunar constellations – nakshatras

Avoid performing the Bhumi Pujan if a lunar day falls between 1st and 7th or 19th and 28th of a month as it is regarded inauspicious. Any lunar day falling between 8th and 18th is considered auspicious for the Bhumi Pujan.

For beginning the house construction work, the vrish-vasta calculation should be done. According to astrology, in case the constellation (nakshatra) of a day counted from that of the sun comes up to 7, it is inauspicious, next 11 is considered auspicious while next 10 are inauspicious.


Bhoomi pooja 2023: How to prepare for foundation worship?

The process of Bhoomi pooja begins with digging a pit in four corners of the plot and in the middle. This pit is also required from the foundation.
Sprinkle water on the pits and apply the aasana. All the family members must gather for the Bhoomi puja rituals.
Before beginning the griha nirman worship, family members must chant ‘Hare Ram Hare Ram, Ram Ram Hare Hare, Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare’.
Distribute water, soil, medicine and put them in an urn.
Decorate the urn with flower garlands and write ‘Shri’ on it. Burn incense.
Write ‘Shri’ on five stones using vermillion. Spread the seat in the northeast corner.
Take the pegs and stones to all five pits.
Place an idol of bull, horse, man, elephant and snake on each Kalash and begin the puja. All the urns are worshipped.

Directions for Bhumi Shilanyas

The foundation stone, referred to as Shilanyas, is laid for the first time during new house construction. As per Vastu, it is important to find out the exact location and right time to dig out the foundation. The foundation is chosen based on the auspicious muhurat and the name of the property owner.


What is the Bhumi pujan Vidhi?

Identification of the spot for the Bhumi Pujan. The spot must be cleaned after taking a bath. Gangajal is used for cleansing and purifying the spot. Make the 64-part drawing, that represents different deities (representing Vastu Purusha), in the northeast corner of the construction site.

Bhumi puja must be performed by a priest. A qualified priest must perform the rituals and his presence is mandatory to eliminate Vastu dosha and negative energies.
Face the recommended Vastu direction. When performing the bhumi pujan, one should sit facing towards the east direction. The priest usually faces the north direction while the person organising the puja faces east.
Worship of Lord Ganesha. Bhumi Pujan begins with prayers to Lord Ganesha. Blessings of Lord Ganesha’s are sought to avoid any hurdles that can pose a hindrance to the progress of the project.
Idol of snake and other deities. An oil or ghee lamp is lit; after seeking the prayers of Lord Ganesha, an idol of the snake god and a Kalash are worshipped. The logic behind the worship of the silver snake is that Sheshnaag governs the earth and is a servant of Lord Vishnu. Hence, you would be seeking his blessings, asking him to preserve your house. By seeking the blessings of the snake God (who lives in the Patala Loka), one has to take His  approval for beginning the construction works.
Kalasha Puja. The kalash on the other hand symbolises the universe. A ‘kalash’ is filled with water and mango or betel leaves are placed on top of it, with an inverted coconut. A coin and betel nuts are kept in the kalash to offer prayers to Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi. The Kalasha Puja is done to channelsie the divine energy and attract prosperity and positivity on the particular bhumi.
Bhumi Pooja: On the auspicious muhurat, the main ritual is conducted, including the Ganesh Puja, followed by a havan.

The detailed Vidhi differs from region to region.

Invocation of the Sheshnaag is usually done by chanting mantras and by pouring milk, curd and ghee. You will also see that the priest puts a betel nut and a coin into the urn so as to invoke the blessing of Goddess Lakshmi.  As the puja progresses, the God of directions, Dikpalas, the snake god or Naga and the family deity known as the Kuldevata are worshipped. When the land is dug, it is done so by chanting the nag mantra. It is good to distribute sweets or even fruits among those gathered for the bhumi puja. 

Digging: The foundation stone or brick is laid after digging a small portion of the land.

Offerings: During the bhumi puja and chanting of mantra by the priest, one should offer items including flowers, incense sticks, kalava, raw rice, sandalwood, turmeric, vermillion (Roli), supari, fruits, and sweets.


Bhumi pujan muhurat: Samagri items list

Betel leaves
Betel nuts
Flower bunch
Agarbatti (incense stick)
Cotton for arti
Oil or ghee
Deep or diya
Ganga jal
Turmeric powder
Kalava (red thread)
Paper towels
Pick axe
Quarter coins
Mango leaves
Navratnas (9 types of gems)
Panchdhatu (5 metals)
Green limes
Nava Dhanyam (9 types of seeds)

These days one can even buy a bhumi pujan samagri kit online.

The following items are placed on the concrete slab before installing the main door frame in the new house:

Original Navaratna comprising original gem stones.
Original Panchaloha, which is made using pure metals
Vastu Vigrah, which is made using from Brass
Vastu Yantra made from Brass
Mercury Bead
Copper Coin
Copper Nails

Placing these items help transfer the earth’s energy to the new house.


Dos and don’ts after buying land

Compound wall: Before constructing the house, one must build the compound wall. Ensure that the height of the southwest part of the wall is higher in comparison to the other walls of the house. The east and north sidewalls can be shorter than the south and west sides walls. One need not perform the Bhoomi Pujan before constructing the compound wall.

Plants: You can grow plants on the construction site. After taking possession of the property, cultivate and grow plants on the land.  Before the Bhoomi puja, clear out the land of any dirt, including roots of dead plants.
Cow: It is considered auspicious to keep a calf or cow on the land. Allowing a cow to eat grass from the land is regarded a sign of good luck.
Bhoomi Pooja: Performing Bhoomi Pooja is considered very fruitful since it adds happiness and prosperity to a person’s life.

If you are unable to begin the construction after buying a plot of land, due to some unavoidable reasons, make sure to clean the central portion of the plot. Also, consult a Vastu Shastra and astrology expert. Construct a slope that moves towards the north or east direction.

One should avoid the starting of the house construction if the lady of the house is pregnant.


Who should perform Bhumi Puja?

The Griha Nirman or Bhumi Puja Vidhi should be performed by the head of the family along with his wife. The puja must be performed in the presence of a priest who can recommend the auspicious Bhumi pujan muhurat and guide to complete the puja successfully.


Bhumi puja mantra

Various mantras are chanted to please the gods and invoke auspicious positive energies that reside in that bhumi.

The most important mantra of a bumi puja is ‘Om Vasundharaya Vidmahe Bhutadhatraya Dhimahi Tanno Bhumih Prachodayat’, which means, ‘Let us chant for Bhumi Devi, the provider of all things; we pray to her to bless us with abundance and fortune’. There are other mantras which are recited, such as Ganesha mantra to remove obstacles and Gayatri mantra, to bestow life with happiness and nullify negative energies.

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Which is the best direction for a house to face?

A house facing the northeast direction is considered auspicious as per Vastu Shastra. The reason a northeast facing direction is ideal for a house to face is because it is direction of god or Ishan and it is ruled by planet Jupiter.


Precautions you should take when performing Bhoomi Pujan

One should take care of basic Vastu Shastra guidelines before beginning the Bhoomi Pujan. Firstly, ensure the area where the rituals will be performed is clean done. Not only this, make sure to keep the boundary of your land clean completely. Remove thorny trees and plants from the land. However, it is important to ensure those trees or plants are not alive.

Moreover, one should ensure the timing for the Bhoomi pujan is auspicious by referring to a Hindu calendar.

Before beginning house construction, make sure to check the previous use of the landand choose a plot with most fertile soil. Do not choose a rocky piece of land for house construction. Ensure the uniformity of the plot before selection of the area.

Road placement

You can select a road coming from the east or north to the north-east part of the plot.


New technology and bhumi puja

Age old traditions are now keeping pace with technology. Today, one can book a priest for bhumi puja online, order puja accessories and readymade kits with a click of a mouse button. YOu can also stream the puja live using social media, for one’s friends and family to attend virtually. Even priests perform rituals online, sitting miles away.

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Is bhumi pujan time important?

Yes, just like the day and date, the exact time to begin the puja is also as important. It is for this reason that elders consult priests and astrologers.

Best time to place the foundation stone

The best time to place the foundation stone is in the morning. Avoid placing the foundation stone in the evening hours or in the night.


What are the stages related to construction of home?

Bhoomi Pooja: the offering of honour to the mother earth.
Balidaana: the offertory ritual in Hinduism.
Hala Karshaana: the levelling of the site takes place.
Anukuraa-Roopana: the sowing of the seeds.
Shilaanyaasa: the laying of the foundation stone
Digging of a well or water source is done.
Fixing of the door frames takes place.
Griha Pravesh: entry into the new house.


Bhoomi pooja, Griha nirman muhurat month-wise dates in 2023

Once you have chosen a plot of land for building your new home, make sure you begin the construction work only on an auspicious date and the recommended Bhumi Pujan Muhurat to ensure good luck, wealth and prosperity in the new house.

Also, make sure you do not choose the period between Ashada Shukla and Kartik Shukla for house construction as it is not considered auspicious.


Bhumi Pujan Muhurat September 2023


September 2, 2023 (Saturday)
07:40 am – 12:16 pm

September 25, 2023 (Monday)
06:42 am – 08:26 pm

September 27, 2023 (Wednesday)
07:39 am – 10:38 pm


Bhumi Pujan Muhurat October 2023

There are no shubh muhurat for bhumi pujan in October 2023, as per the Hindu calendar. The lunar months of Ashwin and Kartik correspond to this month. One can consult a Vastu Shastra and astrology expert to know if there is any auspicious date based on one’s horoscope.


Bhumi Pujan Muhurat November 2023


November 23, 2023 (Thursday)
07:21 am – 09:12 pm

November 24, 2023 (Friday)
07:22 am – 09:08 pm


Bhumi Pujan Muhurat December 2023


December 29, 2023 (Friday)
08:55 am – 12:05 pm


Best months to start house construction in India in 2023

Best month to start construction of new property

Depending upon the season, construction activity either picks up pace or slackens. You would have come across many contractors who are eager to start the house construction during the autumn season. The reason being, it is easier to pour concrete over soil that has not frozen or hardened due to the winters and neither is it so hot that the risk of overheating may do more harm than good. Autumn (that is, from late September to November), therefore, is a good time to start the construction of your home. It is also a good time for contractors to finish much of the exterior work and then, gradually focus on building the interiors of the new property.

Best month to start renovation of property

If much of your focus is on the interiors, that is, if you are looking at renovation or remodelling largely within the house, winters may not be a bad time. In fact, it is a practical approach too. Labourers working at your site can find it less strenuous to work during the winter months, rather than taking up the hard work in the summer months when the temperature typically reaches even 45 degrees Celsius. However, ensure that cost overruns do not take place. For areas experiencing excessive air pollution, winters may not be too good.

Is spring a good time to begin construction work?

Your contractors will be able to tell you better. If the ground is not wet or frozen, it should be a good time. In India, most contractors prefer doing work in the house’s interiors during early spring but prefer utilising the spring months if it is a project that would take months to complete.

Constructing your house in the summer season

If you are expecting delays in completing the house construction, do begin in summers. Longer days in summers helps workers utilise the daytime well. It may be very hot but even after taking breaks, the daylight lasts over a longer period and can be utilised better. It is good to consider this time for projects that would take more time to complete.

It has also been seen that given that a number of people undertake construction activities during the early summer, the price of raw materials also increases. You may want to weigh the pros and cons and make a decision.

Why is the post monsoon season the best time for construction work?

In India, the most preferable time for construction work is the post monsoon time from September to March. Rains cause interruptions in the construction activities or impact the construction quality. Thus, it is an ideal time for laying starting new house construction. During this season, the RCC, masonry, flooring and plaster works attain their potential service life. The temperature around 24 and +/- 5 degree C are regarded cool in India, allowing hydration of maximum amount of cement added in the concrete mix.

Best time for house construction is during winter

The ideal time for house construction is during the dry season, usually from October to March in most parts of India. Thus, winter is a favourable time that can be considered for new house construction. Some experts consider that structures constructed in winter months, which are usually dry, are better constructed when compared to those constructed during summer. Moreover, the low temperature in winter keeps the cement in the concrete mix hydrated. After it is applied during construction, the structure must not be exposed to rain, ensuring construction quality and making the structure durable.

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Deities worshipped during Bhumi Pujan

Goddess Earth or Bhumi and Vastu Purush are the main deities worshipped during the Bhumi Pujan, before beginning the construction work. Goddess earth is worshipped to invoke the divine energy, clear obstacles during construction and seek her blessings.

Vastu purusha is regarded as the god of architectural structures. Each constructible land is considered a Vastu Purusha Mandal that denotes the metaphysical plan of the structure according to the cosmic movements. The deity is worshipped to invite harmony in the lives of those residing in the building.

Lord Ganesha, the god of auspicious beginnings is also worshipped and people seek the deity’s blessings before starting construction.

An idol of the snake god and a Kalash are also worshipped as part of the Bhumi Pujan and Griha Nirman.

During the Bhumi Pujan, people worship the five elements of nature to invite positive energies.


Bhumi pujan invitation card samples

If you are planning to invite your friends and family for the occasion of Bhumi puja, the day you start the new house construction, you can send an online invitation card. Check out this simple Bhumi pujan muhurat invitation card sample.

Bhumi pujan invitation message

We cordially invite you and your family on this auspicious occasion of Bhoomi pooja at [Venue details], [Date, Time].
We are pleased to announce the commencement of the construction of our new house and cordially invite you to the Bhumi Pujan [Venue details], [Date, Time].


Which facing plot is good for construction?

As per Vastu Shastra, north facing plots are regarded best for new house construction. Other favourable plots are east facing and west facing plots. One should avoid south facing plots as they are considered inauspicious. The main entrance of the plot must be placed in the north or east side.


What is the benefit of Bhoomi devi mantra?

Bhumi Gayatri mantra is chanted during the Bhumi puja as it invokes Bhumi Devi’s presence and helps connect with the supreme Goddess directly through the prayers. It establishes a connect with our planet earth and the various life forms that exist.


Can we start house construction on Tuesday?

One must avoid starting house construction on a Tuesday. Similarly, one must also avoid Sunday for starting the construction work.


Bhumi pujan 2023 invitation card

You can invite your friends and family to the Bhumi pujan ceremony by sending custiomised invitations. You must mention all the important details of the Bhumi pujan such as the date, venue, time, etc. Check this sample Vastu Pooja invitation.

Source: Behance (Pinterest)


Where is the wealth area of the house?

As per Vastu Shastra principles, the north direction is related to the god of wealth, Kuber. One can keep the cash and valuable items such as money and Jewellery in this direction. According to Feng Shui, the southeast direction is the wealth sector.


Which day is auspicious to enter new house 2023?

The auspicious days of the week for entering a new house are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. However, the auspicious date and Muhurat for Griha Pravesh is calculated based on the Hindu calendar and Vastu Shastra rules.


Which Tithi is good for land registration 2023?

Thursday and Friday are regarded auspicious days for land or property registration, buying a land or booking a flat.


How to choose a Muhurat?

Muhurat is the most auspicious time for performing events such as Bhoomi pooja and Griha Pravesh. According to Vastu and astrology, a muhurat is chosen based on a Hindu calendar (Panchang) and other astrological factors such as Tithi and Nakshatra.



Which day is good for bhoomi pooja?

Mondays and Thursdays are considered auspicious days for performing the bhumi puja

Who all are worshipped during bhumi puja?

Vastu Purusha, mother earth, the Snake God and the five elements of nature, are worshipped during the bhumi puja.

Who is Vastu Purusha?

Vastu Purusha is the God of land and direction. The art of building or construction in harmony with nature is called Vastu and the Vastu Purusha refers to energy, power, soul or cosmic man.

What should be done after the bumi pooja?

In Vastu, water symbolises prosperity. The source of water is important and the pit for storing water or the well, has to be dug up before starting the construction. According to Vastu, the well or water tank should be dug on the north, or north-east side of the plot. Avoid the south direction.

What is the cost of performing Bhumi Puja?

The cost of conducting a Bhumi Puja may vary from Rs 3,000 to Rs 10,000. However, the total cost may depend on several factors.

Which season is best for building construction?

The summer season and post monsoon season is considered an ideal time for house construction in India.

What is Sankusthapana Muhurtham?

Sankusthapana refers to the foundation stone laying process in a vacant plot, which is the bhumi pujan. It is also known by different names in India such as rapprochement function, groundwork celebration and bedrock ceremony.

Can we do Bhoomi Puja without a priest?

According to Vastu, it is important to perform the Bhoomi Puja in the presence of a qualified priest. He would provide all the necessary details of a Shubh Muhurat and help eliminate the Vastu dosha and negative energy.

Which ritual is performed during the construction of a house?

The rituals of the laying of the foundation stone followed by digging of a well or water source and fixing the main door of the house are performed during the construction of the house.

Which is the best month to start building a house as per vastu in 2023?

The auspicious months for house construction are Vaisakha, Pausha, Sravana, Phalguna and Magh.

Which days are good to buy land?

Thursday and Friday are considered the auspicious days of the week for purchasing land.

Where should Bhoomi Puja be performed at the construction site?

One should perform the Bhoomi Pujan in the northeast corner of the construction site. That is, the digging or tiling must first start in this direction as the level here has to be lower than the remaining site. The excavation will make the north-east low and south-east comparatively high, which, as per Vastu, yields good results.

What is the minimum time to construct a house?

On average, the time required to build a small to medium-sized house is around six months to a year. However, it may longer time to construct large complex houses.

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